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Abbázia Country Club***

8976 Márokföld, Határ u. 3-7.


Abbázia Country Club*** - Explore the hidden treasures of western Hungary

Are you searching for accommodation in western Hungary, which is surrounded by nature and most of all is dog friendly? Abbázia Country Club in Márokföld is the perfect choice! Carefree relaxation for all the members of the family is waiting for you in our Hotel. Pets are highly welcome as well! The untouched nature of the Őrség region encourages walking or cycling. Authentic programs, traditional meals, sport and wellness services and plenty programs in the neighbourhood guarantee an unforgettable experience while staying at Abbázia Country Club. Arrive with your beloved ones, on foot or on bicycles, and Őrség will offer its treasures to you!

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Abbázia values

Attention, kindness, respect

Both to our guests and environment are present day by day, not only in words, but also in our actions.

  • We protect the customs and flavours of Őrség

All the goods, nature and freshness of this region is present in a world, where the time slows down, and all your senses sharpen. Here the smart gadgets are used only to record the moments.

  • Our love to dogs is limitless

It is not a coincident, that Abbázia Country Club won in a row the Best Dog-Friendly Hotel title, furthermore are regular guests arrive to us also from abroad. The happy barks of our visitors are the best proof for it.

  • Environmental protection – we are all in!

We clean, wash and recycle consciously, in this spirit we also train all of our employees. In our Restaurant drinking straws are passé!

Abbázia's pride

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Abbázia Country Club***



8976 Márokföld, Határ u. 3-7.


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