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8976 Márokföld, Határ u. 3-7.

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Destination: Őrség


Márokföld is located in the meeting point of Őrség - Göcsej – Hetés regions, in the southwest of Hungary, only few minutes from the Slovenian boarder. The name Őrség comes from guardians, who were guarding the west boarder in the time of the conquest of the Carpathian Basin by Hungarians. Characteristic type of villages has been formed in this gently waving hilly region. The most beautiful and well preserved villages are Szalafő and Pankasz.

The wavy-hilly surroundings hide countless hiking and cycling tracks and the nearby spas attract tired, stressed people from all over. You can also find here educational trails to explore consciously the local fauna and flora.

Besides that, there is still more sights to explore! The oldest, and surely one of the most beautiful parish churches in the Őrség region comes from the XIII. century, and it is called the church of lights. The traditional craftwork is pottery, and there are still active workshops in the neighborhood, where you can take a peek at the creating process. For tourists keen on environment and conscious tourism we would recommend visiting a traditional goat farm, where you can taste regional cheese and wines. For those who admire the relationship of nature and hunting, we would advise visiting the Őrgés Hunting exhibition.

A vivid range of programs waits for guests visiting Őrség during the whole year. Just to mention some of them: ’Blossoming Days’ – art festival, Pottery days, Őrség Fairs, and the famous International Pumpkin Festival.

If you will decide to travel a little bit further, we highly recommend wine tasting in the Slovenian Jerusalem, and visiting the nearby cities of Bad Radkersburg, Maribor or Varasd. If you are searching for a place to swim, or to relax in healing water- Lenti, Bad Radkersburg, Moravske Toplice or Szent György Energiapark are a great choice.

Would you like to bring your dog for next holidays? Do you long for trips in the forest and fresh air? As a Dog-friendly hotel we are also waiting for the pupil of your family, with additional services!

Arrive to Őrség with your pair or with your whole family, by bike or by car, there is plenty opportunities in the region to explore. Abbázia Country Club – like a hidden treasure- is waiting for guests in the heart of the Őrség region with it’s rustic atmosphere, vide range of services and traditional Hungarian cuisine.

Nowadays, when the world goes on with a rapid speed, more and more companies and enterprises escape to the natural, stress-free environment, so the colleagues can bound together during a trip or training. The natural predispositions of this region are perfect for outdoor team buildings, as well as less organized hiking trips. Choose our hotel, as it is the perfect accommodation to hold these kind of activities!

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Adventures in Őrség – download the program booklet

Download the program booklet and read about adventures and programs for the whole family! Adventures in Őrség – with a recommendation from Abbázia Country Club!