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Dog-friendly services

In 2014,2015 and 2016 we were announced the The Best Dog-friendly Hotel of the Year, in 2017 we had the honor to be the Jury member, and in 2018 we have won the Special Prize of the contest.

Would you like to take your doggie for your next holiday with you?
Are you aching for adventurous trips on fresh air? We are happy to welcome your furry friend!

  • 2014 - The Best Dog-friendly Hotel of the Year (
  • 2015 - The Best Dog-friendly Hotel of the Year – Jury’s Prize (
  • 2016 - The Best Dog-friendly Hotel of the Year – Audience Award (
  • 2017 - Abbázia Country Club was the member of the Jury (
  • 2018 - The Best Dog-friendly Place – Jury’s Special Prize (
  • 2019 - Member of the Jury and one of the Sponsors of the contest

What do we offer for our furry friends:

  • The first Dog Beach in Hungary (in case of good weather) is awaiting you!
  • The pets are allowed to stay with the owners in the apartments.
  • Depending on availability, we try to place you and your dog in tiled apartments, so your pupil will not hurt his / her pawns. Most of the rooms for 4 guests have also direct access to our garden area.
  • We will prepare a dog towel in the apartment, and a small surprise for your pupil.
  • Upon request the front desk provides you with a dog blanket, toys, feeding bowl, water-container for tours, and tick-tweezers – naturally – out of charge.
  • Dogs are also welcomed in our Restaurant; they can ‘be seated’ next to their owner.
  • Endless meadows, shady forest paths and fresh air awaits you for hour-long strolls with your four-legged friend. If you do not know, where to start, we can provide you with hints and maps at the Reception desk.
  • If your pet needs some grooming, we can arrange an appointment with a dog-beauty salon, only 16 km away from the resort. ( Should any unforeseen accident happen, a dog-specialist vet practices in the nearby village.
  • By your first visit your dog will become a registered member of the Abbázia Dog-Club. With the club-card you will receive various discounts upon your next visit, and first-pawn letters about our newest promotions.

We would like to ask you to consider the following guidelines when arriving with dogs:

  • We kindly ask you to send us a scan or picture of the vaccination booklet of your dog before arrival.
  • When booking our Dog-friendly package, we do not charge additional fee for the dog. In case of other packages, we charge 4500 HUF /night / dog fee.
  • Maximum two dogs / apartment are allowed.
  • Wellness is for human use only! This is the only place, where your dog is not allowed to stay at.
  • For maintaining order and cleanness we provide you with doggy pick-ups; please, use them to remove the poops and waste after your dog.
  • Please consider the peaceful relaxation of other guests, and keep your dog on leash around the riding hall.

For further information please check the following etiquette.

Our current Dog-Friendly offers – Doggy-good place in Őrség – in the Best Dog-Friendly Hotel of the Year.