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Roaming for Wine

You can taste the wonders of wine regions from tree countries

The wine lovers can feel their selves like in heaven while visiting this region. Just a step away from the forests of Őrség you can try the wonders of wine regions from tree countries.


The Hungarian part of the Mura region belongs to the Balatonmelléki wine region. The following towns are a part of it: Csörnyeföld, Dobri, Letenye, Murarátka, Muraszemenye, Szécsisziget, Tormafölde, Zajk. The loess, clay and brown soil gives to wines from here the smell, aroma, and lively acidity. The strongly characteristic wines are also a result of big amount of rain and the microclimate of the nearby rivers.

BUSSAY Winery Csörnyeföld – Kövecs Hill

The Winery is hidden in the hilly-waivy hills of Zala region, and you can taste here one of the most famous cuvees made from Italian Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Tramini, Pinot grigio and Tramini-ezerfürtű.

SIMON Winery Csörnyeföld Hill

The owner, Zoltán Simon is awaiting curios guest for a glass of Italian Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Pinot grigio, Zweigelt or Valtelin Blanc.

TUBOLY Cellar Tormafölde - Szent János Hill

In the western corner of the southern part of Zala Hills, in the Kerka valley, you can try an excellent cuvee made from Italian Riesling, Blaufränkisch and Fetească Regală in the cold cellar of the Tuboly family.


The area of Mura region on the Slovenian side of the boarder is classified to the Podravje wine region. After passing the boarder, the closest one is the Ljutomer-Ormoroz district, famous for its Jerusalem village. The rumour says that crusaders on their way to Jerusalem, took a rest on the nearby hills, and fallen in love in the local landscape, wine and of course – ladies. The village has become their private Jerusalem.


The winery has won countless international awards and acknowledgments. Their vineyard is 500 hectares big, and integrates another 400 hectares of vineyards from the nearby. If you are keen on Italian Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, Tramini, Müller-thurgau or Furmit – you shouldn’t miss this place!

CUK Winery

On the highest point of Lendva Hill you can find the winery of Cuk Lajos. Besides perfect quality, regional wines (Italian Riesling, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc and Tramini) you can also try traditional dishes from Mura region.


Puklavec Family Wines are produced in the heart of Ljutomer-Ormož, a wine area in the Podravje region, in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia. This area provides the perfect microclimate conditions for grape growing. The result are elegant wines, crafted with an uncompromising and passionate attention to detail, beautifully balanced and as expressive as the landscape of the vineyards. You can try here Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Rieslings.


Austria is not a big wine producer, but it has 4 wine regions with 19 wine countryside. Mostly small family enterprises, cellars, wineries and so called buschenschank-s are characteristic for this country. "Buschenschank" is a place near the road, a family resthouse, where cold, regional starters are served, wines from the region and specialties (such as pumpkin seed oil) are waiting for the arriving guests.

We would like to offer to your attention the southern Steiermark region, which is (in our opinion) one of the most beautiful wine regions in Europe. You can try here Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.


The almost 45 hectares vineyard is located in a beautiful surrounding next to the Austrian boarder. The view from the wine terrace is simply breath taking. Wine from this regions is characteristic for its freshness and fruitiness. Italian Riesling, Chardonnay and Muscat Blanc are their specialities.

The Winery of HELGA BROLLI

The 150 years old winery and cellar of the Brolli family, is located next to the Slovenian boarder, only 10 minutes from Gamlitz. Here, Herman Kopf makes his famous, awarded wines, but they are also really proud of their palinkas and high percentage beverages. You can try here excellent Italian Riesling, Pinot grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Tramini and Cabernet Sauvignon.