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Sights and programs in the neighbourhood

what is worth seeing in Őrség…

Szentgyörgyvölgy: About 5 km from the Hotel, you can find this picturesque village, where the pottery workshop of Csótás Rezső is located. He is always more than happy to show the techniques of his profession. After a sip of pálinka, you can also try your skills on a pottery wheel. You can also find here a Calvinist church, built in 1787, which is one of the most beautiful monuments in the Western Transdanubian region with its wooden cassettes.

Velemér: The church erected in the 13th century in the honour of the Holy Trinity has been mentioned in official documents since 1360. The rectangular aisleless church, to which a tower is attached on the north facade, is aligned east to west, as typical of medieval times. It is one of the 7 oldest preserved churches in Hungary. The church is also known as the Church of the light, as a result of mystical work of architects and painters.

Magyarszombatfa:This village has a centuries-long tradition of pottery, still around 15 -20 people are practising this profession. A bio goat farm is also located here, where we can get familiar with the goat cheese production process. Smaller visitors can get to know Egyke, Rezgő and Simpla – the inhabitants of the farm.

Bagoly-ház: Hungary’s most famous and titled architect, Imre Makovecz, designed the house, and you will be astonished by its view. It is located in Felsőszenterzsébet.

Szalafő-Pityerszer: Back in the day, the guardians built their homes and farm buildings in small groups, called ‘szer’, in clearings atop the hillocks. Szalafő has been afforded protection for its village landscape as well. It is possibly the settlement with the most valuable ethnographic treasures in the Őrség. The Őrség Folk Monument Compound was established in Pityerszer to preserve and present this centuries-old settlement structure.

Arboretum in Budafapuszta: You can observe here the diversity of Hungarian flora, with over 200 species. Firs, giant sequoias, taxodiums and rhododendron (blossoming in May), are probably one of the most beautiful ones. In the arboretum there are several benches and places for bonfire.

Narrow-gauge railway in the Kerka Valley: Hungary’s longest narrow-gauge railway route operates between Lenti and Kistolmács. You can reach by it the chapel in Márok, the arboretum in Budafa, the church in Pák or the Szapary Castle.

Beach and Thermal baths in Bázakerettye::You can enjoy the healing influence of water in 2 pools, but a jacuzzi and a swimming pool are also at your service. The baths operate seasonal, and are located around 40 km from Nemesnép.

Lenti Thermal Spa: : The Thermal Spa and Medicinal Baths offer recreation opportunities for all members of the family by 5 outdoor and 4 indoor pools every day of the year. The Spa consists of 3 units – indoor spa, open-air baths and sauna. Everything can be found in the repertoire from swimming and adventure pools through children and baby’s pools up to medicinal and hydro-massage pools. There are also an indoor relaxation area and a sauna world, which both contribute to a complete relaxation experience. The facility is opened whole year long.

Lenti Termál Spa’s Saint George Energy Park :The real curiosity within the Lenti Thermal Spa is the Saint George Energy Park. The park lies at the meeting point of such energy lines with beneficial effects that make the Thermal Spa unique in Europe.

Sárberki Horgásztó és Szabadidő Központ: A zalai dombok közt megbúvó, 6 hektáros horgásztó csodálatos környezetben, egész évben horgászversenyekkel, rendezvényekkel várja mind a horgászokat, mind a pihenni, kikapcsolódni vágyókat.

  • Rádiháza (40 km): The famous horse herd is located here, with over 300 horses. The pastures surrounded by forests and gently sloping hills are exquisitely adequate for keeping and breeding horses here.
  • Bad Radkersburg (Austria - 50 km): A lovely city with Slovenian and Austrian roots, with a remarkable old town, thermal baths and spa, cycling routs near the Mura river shore. On the Slovenian part of the city, you can find a champagne factory with tasting opportunities.
  • Maribor (Slovenia-90 km): The Drava river divides the city into two, the inner city is truly imposing.
  • Moravske Toplice (Slovenia – 20 km): The refurbished indoor area of Terme 3000 Thermal Park invites you into its fresh and bright space, where the lower level is intended for lively and active guests and is also suitable for families. The upper level, with its relaxation spots and saunas, is perfect for those seeking rest and relaxation.
  • Ptuj:City in Slovenia, 25 km from Maribor, with gothic churches and a castle on rock.

Programs in Őrség region

Őrség Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday from 7 A.M. to 12 Őriszentpéter

The Farmer’s Market was opened to public in July in Őriszentpéter, at the back of the protestant church, next to the football pitch. The atmosphere of the market is very direct, beside shopping you can also observe the trustworthy connection between the seller and customer, which reminds of old good days. Nowadays people are more and more conscious about the products they buy and their origin. Here you can get all the information about the production process, directly from the producer. A big dose of attention and humour is contained into prices. More information:

The Day of the Guards - Szalafő

The taste, faces and battles of Őrség. The festival is organized in Szalafő by the Őrállók Foundation, to celebrate local traditions and customs. Main programs are duels between valiants, cooking contests, traditional playgrounds, martial art shows and lotteries with awards.

"The meeting of men and the light of arts”. For further information, please visit:

Őrség Fairs

Place: Őriszentpéter
Traditional handcraft fairs in the heart of Őrség.
The focus of the event is on traditional handcrafts of the region, accompanied by vivid cultural programs. The best craftsmen can show their treasures on the ’Market Street’ to bigger audience. An integral part of the celebrations are folk performances and a street bal. Locals, who are famous of their hospitality, guarantee the unique atmosphere of the event.
More information:

International Ceramic Fairs and Meeting

Place: Magyarszombatfa
The fairs last for two days and the best pottery products are exhibited there, wheeling show and contest is organized, as well as loads of colourful cultural and sport programmes.

Völgyhídi Fairs

Place: Nagyrákos
Years now, since handcrafts and folklore fairs are organized next to the bridge of Nagyrákos. You can take a peek into traditional craftworks as well as regional values showed in multiple programmes.

The Hétrétország Festival

Place: Őriszentpéter and nearby villages
Vivid programs, exhibitions, playgrounds and lots of curiosities are waiting for the participants. The doors are opened for all the curious souls.
For further information and programmes, please

The Pumpkin Festival

Place: Őriszentpéter, Szalafő-Pityerszer, Magyarszombatfa, Nagyrákos, Pankasz
The Pumpkin Festival of Őrség is the biggest gastro-festival in the Western-Transdanubia. Pumpkin quiz, pumpkin dishes tasting, a market of local products, exhibitions and vivid programmes are just some to mention from the bunch of attractions.
Futher information: