Abbazia Country Club - West Hungary - The hidden treasure of Őrség

PROGRAMS- We suggest the following points of interest in the area

... for nature lovers

1. We heartily offer the Szent György Energy Park, at the junction point of several energy-line, which boosts the healing effect of the local thermal-water. According to the statement of the specialists of bioenergetics the Szent György Energy Park is the very part of the Earth's star-shaped energetic-network.

2. Another interesting attraction is a Bio farm in the neighbourhood: during the day you can visit the whole process of bio-animal herding, and plant-growing, and make a nice, long tour in the neighbouring, creek-split land.

3. Want to wander around the day? Visit the nearby arboretums which are bearing samples of the rich Hungarian florae. Some good point to start: Arboretum of Jeli, Arboretum of Kám, Arboretum of Budafapuszta.

... for water fans

1. Hungary and especially the western part is the land of thermal heat-sources, so if you want to have the best wellness and thermal-bath experience, do not wait to visit us! The Thermal-lakes at Lenti, Zalakaros, and in the neighbouring countries, such as Loipersdorf, or Moravska Toplice, are the best in their category.

... for (wine) gourmands

1. Are you a real wine-gourmand? We won't let you down! Check out the hidden treasures in wine-making, have a glass of László Bussay's award winning Rieslings, try out the "Blood of Hadik" at the Cuk Winery, or feel the taste of the Mura-land in the Rozsman wines.

2. The Ínyes manufacture is a goat farm, and produces top quality cheese. Attila Buzas, leader of the manufacture will heartily provide you with guide around the farm and the production facility. You may also taste his wonderful cheese-creations.

... for explorer wayfarers

1. Those, who are willing to explore the cultural heritage, or just the landscape, will find them surrounded with opportunities. We want to promote only a handful of the many, such as the dinky line in the Kerka-valley, which is the longest small-train line in Hungary, the gothic temple of Mártonfalva with it's century old murals, the Skanzen (village museum) at Szalafő, or the Temple at Velemér, which is also known as the "Temple of Light".

And also:

1. The Stud at Rádiháza (Hungary, 25 miles from the hotel),
2. The beautiful, old castle and high quality thermal water of Bad Radkersburg (Austria - 31 miles),
3. Maribor, the centre of East Slovenia (56 miles),
4. The golf courses of Moravske Toplice with Slovakia's longest golf course, (Slovenia - 13 miles),
5. The Varazdin Fortress from the 12th century (Croatia - 31 miles),

And many-many more attractions


Blooming Days - Four day Art Festival

Őrség Fair - International Pottery Fair

Őrségi Nemzetközi Tökfesztivál International pumpkin festival


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